National Chicken Wing Day

My favorite bar food has it’s own day July 29th!! Let them be BBQ, Buffalo, or even dry rub! I’m really not picky as long as they are well done and crispy!

So on this glorious day, tonight’s menu consists of WINGS!! Pinterest to rescue once again with Garlic Parmesan Wings!! But, have no fear having left over Buffalo sauce from one of my Meatless Monday adventures I also did a small batch of classic Buffalo Wings!

I also kept them heathy by opting to bake my wings versus frying them! However, even though this was the healthier option it also was the smokier option. I made half of my wings on a wire rack and the other half on parchment paper.

I noticed that the ones on parchment paper, even though they never burned, were the ones that produced the most smoke. So once they shrunk in size a bit I did condense the trays to the wire rack. I also didn’t stick to any recommended cooking time. After an hour it was determined that all the pieces needed more time. I also gave them 10 minutes under the broiler to crisp up. Making sure to flip the wings so they didn’t burn.

Now, that the cooking was done time to add the absolute best part about wings the SSSAAAUUUCCCEEE! The only wrong sauce to put on chicken wings is no sauce. Let’s be honest that naked wing stuff just isn’t cutting it for anyone. With the traditional buffalo wings I used a store bought sauce that I heated up prior to pouring over the wings. For the garlic parmesan I made some slight alterations: extra butter, garlic, and parmesan cheese. Just extra of the good stuff, but that was a personal preference.

Since extra butter was added when topping off the chicken, I scooped the garlic/cheese mixture first adding the butter slowly as not to drench the wings. The garlic parmesan had to cool a bit for the sauce to really settle onto the chicken.

Even though I decided to serve ranch on the side for dipping, I personally only used it for the classic buffalo wings. For, the garlic parmesan the sauce had thicken up so perfectly that there was enough in each bite. If anything maybe an extra bit of Parmesan on top could never hurt. Both sauces were just the perfect way to celebrate this National Holiday! So wing up and let’s toast the chicken!

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