Quarantine Tip 2

To continue in helping each other out during what has come to be known as “Quarantine Life,” here’s a friendly life tip. Now, I say life tip because this is something everyone should already know. However, I’ve noticed in recent days that maybe not everyone was raised to mop their floors. Mopping your floors just... Continue Reading →

Social Distancing Continues

Another week has come and gone.  This was my first week in full quarantine since my jobs deemed me unessential (see last post What a week ). As one day rolled into another I began to feel an eerie calm.  Maybe, it was because the weather here in New York was gloomy all week.  Maybe, it was... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Tip 1

As everyone finally settles into the new reality that is “Quarantine Life,” I think it’s time we all help each other out. Now that we all have fully stocked freezers and pantries, let us talk about the stuff with limited shelf lives. I absolutely love peppers and throw them into probably every meal, so in... Continue Reading →

Ipsy Glam Bag 2020

2020 has arrived and Ipsy really started it off with a bang.  A quick review for all those who don't know, Ipsy is a subscription beauty service.  Each month personalized products are put together based on your reviews.  My absolute favorite part is that each month's products come in a cute makeup bag.  I've tired... Continue Reading →

What a week

Last week I was bored at my second job and I decided to take a moment and put down some thoughts regarding everything that was happening in America with the Coronavirus ( check out Coronavirus has arrived ).  That particular post was written on March 15, 2020; it is now March 22, 2020 and life is completely... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus has arrived

For months now the Coronavirus has been in the news. Reports coming out of China showed the true horrors of this unknown disease. But, it was all the way in China so why did we have to worry. Then, countries around China started reporting cases. But, those countries were all the way on the other... Continue Reading →

Another 30 Day Challenge

So February, has come and gone and boy oh boy was it a busy month.  But, as busy as I have been I am very excited to announce that I have been able to complete another 30 Day Challenge!Much like last month (30 Day Challenge Completed ) I continued with a 30 Day Challenge that I... Continue Reading →

NY Goes Bagless

Who knew that one of the most controversial topics of 2020 would be plastic bags. Yup, that's right plastic bags.  Starting on March 1st, 2020 my little state of New York is putting into place a plastic bag ban or waste reduction as the state is calling it.  The state of California already has a... Continue Reading →

My time in Twitter Jail

If you don't know what Twitter Jail is, then you probably don't use Twitter. It's slang for when Twitter limits what you can do for a number of hours. Now there are a number of ways one can end up in Twitter jail, the most common is that someone reports you for violating the rules.... Continue Reading →

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